Zulhairi & Adriana

Majlis Perkahwinan Zulhairi & Adriana, Sg Lalang

In order to be a good photographer, I learnt that we have to conquer the 3 fundamentals…training, experience and a good eye. It’s training, experience, and a good eye. where they learn about the mechanics of the work and have an opportunity to participate in internships on set to get a feel for the work. Then, they work their way up through the ranks on set, often working in a variety of positions to learn more about the business, before finally becoming THE master of photography, in which case, a good artistic eye becomes crucial

From time to time, i am determine to learn on how to produce a quality photos as what you have seen in those romantic movies..

while majority of the malay movie-goers admiring Nurkasih, myself on the other hand was more impressed with the framing and lighting effects of the drama. Naturally we were born with the liking towards something that will distract us from the reality. I was taken aback by the masterpice from the bollywood film industries. Mentioning bollywood, almost each and every of their life aspect reflect us. This is exactly what I would like to create in each and every products from putrafoto.

one day I will leave an impression till you say just by “looking at these photos, it is as though watching a romantic movie”.


“Memories may fade, but pictures last forever”
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